Vibrated Graphite

Vibration molding is a graphite machining process that forms graphite powder into large cross-sectional shapes. Vibrating, or shaking, graphite within large containers induces compaction of the powder into a solid form. Vibration moulded graphite is used to manufacture electrodes for Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), moulds for continuous casting or sintering.

Raw Material: Calcined Petroleum coke and Coal Tar Pitch.
Process: Raw Material > Crushing > Screening > Dosing > Kneading Vibration > Baking > Impregnation > Re.baking > Graphitization Machining > Inspection > Packing

Forming Method: Vibration

Finished Products and Standard Sizes in mm:
o Blocks 500x500x1800; 500x500x2100
o Blocks 650x400x1800; 650x400x2100
o Blocks 850x400x1800; 940x400x1800
o Blocks 940x500x2800; 1120x400x2180
o Rounds Dia1120x585; Dia1220x586
o Rounds Dia762x500; Dia1520x500

Main Applications:
o Graphite Crucible.
o Casting Mold
o Launders for high temperature application.
o Sidewall Blast Furnace
o Sidewall Aluminium Furnace

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