Gouging rods are used for cutting, welding, removing defects, making holes, welding inspection and removing over welded parts. Our standard gouging carbons with lower conductivity can supply you an excellent performance for metal cutting, grooving and boring.

Bored Gouging Rods
Jointed Gouging Rods
Non Jointed Gouging Rods
Dia X Length Current Range (A)
MM Inches
3.2X305(355) 1/8X12′(14′) 130-180
4X305(355) 5/32X12′(14′) 150-200
5X305(355) 3/16X12′(14′) 200-250
6X305(355) 15/64X12′(14′) 300-350
6.5X305(355) 1/4X12′(14′) 320-370
7X305(355) 9/32X12′(14′) 350-400
8X305(355)(455)(510) 5/16X12′(14′)(18′)(20′) 400-450
9X305(355)(455)(510) 23/64X12′(14′)(18′)(20′) 450-500
10X305(355)(455)(510) 3/8X12′(14′)(18′)(20′) 500-550
11X305(355)(455)(510) 7/16X12′(14′)(18′)(20′) 600-650
12X305(355)(455)(510) 15/32X12′(14′)(18′)(20′) 750-850
13X305(355)(455)(510) 1/2X12′(14′)(17)(20′) 800-1000
16X305(355)(455)(510) 5/8X12′(14′)(17)(20′) 1000-1200
19X305(355)(455)(510) 3/4X12′(14′)(17)(20′) 1200-1400
25X305(355)(455)(510) 1X12′(14′)(17)(20′) 1400-1600

DC Copper Coated Jointed Gouging Rods

Designed for Automatic Gouging Torches. Has male and female parts and can be used continuously without stub loss.

Dia X Length Current Range (A)
MM Inches
6.5X355 1/4X14′ 450-500
8X355(430) 5/16X14′(17′) 500-550
9X355(430) 23/64X14′(17′) 550-600
10X355(430)(455)(510) 3/8X14′(17′)(18′)(20′) 600-650
11X355(430)(455)(510) 7/16X14′(17′)(18′)(20′) 650-700
12X355(430)(455)(510) 15/32X14′(17′)(18′)(20′) 700-800
13X355(430)(455)(510) 1/2X14′(17′)(18′)(20′) 800-1000
16X355(430)(455)(510) 5/8X14′(17′)(18′)(20′) 1000-1200
19X355(430)(455)(510) 3/4X14′(17′)(18′)(20′) 1200-1400
15X355(430)(455)(510) 1X14′(17′)(18′)(20′) 1400-1600

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