Extruded Graphite

Extrusion creates graphite that is a coarse grain. It is cheaper than isostatic graphite but still has a low electrical resistivity and excellent thermal shock resistance. It is the perfect choice for applications that do not require high strength, tight tolerances, and fine detail work. Extruded graphite is used in electrodes in furnaces for the production of recycled steel

Forming Method: Extrusion

Finished Products and Standard Sizes in mm:
o Blocks 850x400x1800; 940x400x1800
o Blocks 1120x400x2180
o Blocks 940x500x2800
o Rounds Dia50x1220; Dia 50×1800
o Rounds Dia80(100;150;200;250;300) x 1800;
o Rounds Dia350(400;450;500;600;700)x1800

Main Applications:
o Graphite Machined Parts for High Temp Application
o Heating Element
o Graphite Crucibles
o Graphite Tubes
o Stirring Rods
o Ingot Molds

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