Cold Molded Graphite

Raw Material: Calcined Petroleum Coke or Pitch Coke or Mixture and Coal Tar Pitch

Forming Method: Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)

Process: Raw Material > Crushing > Screening > Dosing > Kneading Cold.Molding > Baking > Impregnation > Re.baking > Graphitization Machining > Inspection > Packing

Finished Products and Standard Sizes in mm:
o Blocks 500x400x200; 670x350x200
o Blocks 660x210x140; 440x130x120
o Rounds Dia110x100(130;170;200;220)
o Rounds Dia160x160(200;250)
o Rounds Dia200x160(200;250)

Main Applications:
o Graphite Moulds
o Continuous Casting
o Nozzles, Plungers and Rams
o Electric Discharge Machine (EDM)
o Glass Industry and Chemicals

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