Graphite Machining Customized / Semi-Machined

Graphite Machining Customized / Semi-Machined matter comes here...


Gouging rods are used for cutting, welding, removing defects, making holes, welding inspection and removing over welded parts. Our standard gouging carbons with lower conductivity can supply you an excellent performance for metal cutting, grooving and boring.

Specialty Graphite In Gold & Silver Refinery

This Graphite Ingot Molds has been manufactured from High Quality Fine Grade Graphite offering maximum performance and durability. Precision cut from a solid graphite block this ingot mold is great for making the old style loaf cube bars. Graphite ingot molds produce much smoother, shinier ingots than conventional ingot molds.

Specialty Graphite in Glass Industry

Graphite is one of the ways in which carbon is present in nature. Its main properties are: Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity Excellent resistance to heat and chemical agents Lightweight and easy to work Auto Lubricating

Cold Molded Graphite

Raw Material: Calcined Petroleum Coke or Pitch Coke or Mixture and Coal Tar Pitch Forming Method: Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) Process: Raw Material > Crushing > Screening > Dosing > Kneading Cold.Molding > Baking > Impregnation > Re.baking > Graphitization Machining > Inspection > Packing

ISO-Static Graphite

Isostatic graphite is a carbon material with unique physical properties. It is produced by liquid Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) with the use of the special powder. HIP is used to convert powder in the solid state to fully dense components, resulting in better physical properties than those achieved by traditional melting or press and sinter manufacturing technologies.

Extruded Graphite

Extrusion creates graphite that is a coarse grain. It is cheaper than isostatic graphite but still has a low electrical resistivity and excellent thermal shock resistance. It is the perfect choice for applications that do not require high strength, tight tolerances, and fine detail work. Extruded graphite is used in electrodes in furnaces for the production of recycled steel

Vibrated Graphite

Vibration molding is a graphite machining process that forms graphite powder into large cross-sectional shapes. Vibrating, or shaking, graphite within large containers induces compaction of the powder into a solid form. Vibration moulded graphite is used to manufacture electrodes for Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), moulds for continuous casting or sintering.

Specialty Graphite

GES has supplied carbon and specialty graphite to various industries for over 25 years. GES represents some of the leading graphite producers worldwide. Now, with an expanded list of specialty graphite grades, GES is positioned to better serve a variety of specialty application markets.

Graphite Electrodes

Graphite electrodes are widely used in electric arc furnaces for smelting of steel, alloy steel, various alloys and nonmetals, Graphite electrodes supplied by GES always met the requirements of customers with their excellent qualities. Graphite electrodes are used in electric arc furnace and ladle furnace for steel making.

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